Pylones Products

We’re very fortunate to be selling products from the French company Pylones, who have been operating since 1985 with the aim of turning regular products into something extraordinary. As Nyo2 specialise in selling quirky and unique gifts for you, your friends and your family, Pylones seemed like the ideal company. As one of the few official resellers of their stock in the Midlands, we feel very honored.

Whether you’re looking for a funky umbrella to stand out even in the rain, or you’re looking for a cool oven glove that’ll brighten your kitchen, we’ve stocked the perfect product from Pylones for you. Each product is designed to be durable and serve its purpose, whilst also brightening up the room. Individual designers take time and effort to create each product, and you can really tell. 5& Citron, Crea Crea, Bamock, and Francis Vaudan are some of the well-known designers that work with Pylones. With such an elegant touch on each product, we’d be silly not to sell their stock!

Pylones were described as the New York Times as “on the corner of cute, between stupid and clever”. With 150 stores in over 28 countries, you know they’re clearly doing something right! Walking in store and seeing the Pylones products brings you into the vibrant and colourful world of their mind, a colourful collection full of surprise and delight.



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