Pylones Serving Tray in Nymphea Design

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The Tchin Tchin Serving Tray is perfect for the host with the most! Whether its cocktail night, or you’re having a few drinks with your friends, you can use this tray to save time carrying your drinks to and from the kitchen!

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“The solution on a platter without making a meal of it? That’s my goal. I offer my services at cocktail hour and glasses always thank me for my strong support. Tray chic!”. The Tchin Tchin Serving Tray is made of a sturdy plastic, which will hold all your drinks and plates. It has dimensions of 29cm in diameter x 5.2cm in depth. These dimensions make the Tchin Tchin Serving Tray conveniently sized to store away in your kitchen, but big enough to carry a fair load of glasses or plates on it.

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Dimensions 290 × 290 × 52 mm


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