Pic Pec Pac! Crumb Collector

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We all love our food, but isn’t it annoying that we have to deal with the crumbs after eating a good old sandwich? It just so happens that we have the perfect product to help! The Pic Pec Pac Table Crumb Collector will pick up all those pesky crumbs for you, no questions asked.

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The Pic Pec Pac Table Crumb Collector is the funky alternative to using a cloth or getting the dustpan and brush out. You can simply empty the crumbs into the bin straight from the product. The Pic Pec Pac Table Crumb Collector is the perfect mix of novelty, with the decorative design of the product, and practical. This Table Crumble Collector is ideal for being added to your home, as well as being a novel gift for your friends and family. Made of rubber, metal, nylon, plastic and feather, meaning it is made of resilient materials and should be a long-lasting product.

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Weight 0.113 kg
Dimensions 145 × 165 × 165 mm

blue, green, pink


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