Pylones Kettle in Dahlia Design

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Behind this kettle’s cool exterior, it’s just boiling with excitement! This funky kettle from Pylones is the perfect addition to your kitchen, adding character whilst also being practical! There’s no better way to make your cuppa then this kettle. The Kettle from Pylones turns itself off, meaning you don’t have to watch it boil. Simple, practical and fun!

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The Kettle from Pylones is 27cm x 21cm, and can hold up to a liter of water. These dimensions make it ideal for making several cups of tea or coffee – you’ll be the host everyone dreams of being. The Kettle is made up of a resilient, heat-withstanding metal, allowing you to make cuppa after cuppa without an issue. A plastic handle on the side of the kettle allows you to turn it onto boil and off, without touching the hot metal. Available in Orchid, Forest, Scale and Dahlia prints, meaning you can choose the perfect print to reflect your personality and your kitchen.

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