Pylones Raincat Umbrella

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Buying this Raincat Umbrella from Pylones will leave you sheltered from the rain and adopting a feline attitude. The Raincat Umbrella is a novelty product that will both keep you safe from the rain, and keep you looking stylish! You’ll never be fearful of the rain again with this Raincat Umbrella protecting you – you’ll be feline fine when stepping outside.

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The Raincat Umbrella from Pylones is 86cm x 6cm, and when opened covers 105cm, meaning you’ll be completely covered from the rain! Product is also small enough to fit in most storage units, so the Raincat Umbrella can be placed under the stairs, by the door, in large draws, or any other storage area. Umbrella is made of Nylon, Plastic and Steel, meaning it can be used in stronger weathers due to its strong materials. Pylones are a French company that specialize in producing new and innovative gifts, operating in Paris since 1985. They are a popular brand worldwide, having over 150 stores worldwide.

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Weight N/A
Dimensions 860 × 60 × 60 mm

black, blue, pink


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