Pylones Filou Cake Server Blue Flowers

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Cake is without a doubt one of the best creations mankind has invented throughout the years. But the only issue with it is servings. The Filou Cake Server allows you to cut the cake into pieces, with the sharp and rigged edges, and serve it onto plates with the flat and triangular shaped body. Perfect for any party or catering event!

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The faithful Filou Cake Server from Pylones is a faithful product, which allows you to serve homemade and readymade cakes to your friends and family, or any potential customers you may have visiting your café/business. This cake server from Pylones even has a small handle on the back of it, which will allow you to hang it from any utensil rack or curved surface. This curve, along with the main body, shows the image of a small dog – this product is the perfect mix of novelty and practicality. There are a wide range of patterns, so you can find the perfect Filou Cake server for you!

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Dimensions 270 × 100 × 50 mm