Happy Hopperz XL White Bull Bouncy Hopper

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Warning! Rodeo riders at work! The Happy Hopper is a new and fun recreation of the hoppers you remember from your own childhood! Not since the Rubik’s Cube or My Little Pony has the children’s toy market seen a product that has captured the imagination of the children as much as this range of inflatable toys from Happy Hoppers. Their colourful looks create an instantly enjoyable visual for the children, allowing for them to build up their core strength in a fun and energetic way! This product is perfect if your child has a wild, excitable personality and a love of farm animals!

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Happy Hopperz is a collection of bright, inflatable animals that not only rival the space hoppers of the 1970’s, but take bouncing to a new level! Whilst they do bounce, they are not too far from the ground, meaning that your child will be able to use them without getting hurt! It’s exercise for your child without the potential pain! This toy is suitable for any child above the age of 12, and due to its fun loving nature, can be enjoyed by all. Even some adults will love this toy! The fun really doesn’t end. As Happy Hopperz inflate and deflate in a matter of seconds when air is released, you can bring the toy with you wherever. If they become attached to the toy, no problem! Just bring it with you. You can take it to the beach, to their grandparents or to the park!

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