Solar Dancer Queen

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A fun, solar powered dancing queen! She’ll make the perfect addition to any room in your house! Simply place the product in a spot in your home where the sun or light can reach it, and watch her dance away! This is a fabulous toy for all the family to indulge in, regardless of their age. As this product is solar powered, it requires no batteries, meaning you do not have to worry about replacing the power source when it runs out. Made of a solid-based plastic which allows for a resilience against accidental damage. Each toy has a solar panel at the front. Normal daylight and any additional artificial light can be used as a source of power.

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There’s no denying that our former monarch, her majesty Queen Elizabeth II was a prominent international figure. Having been our Queen for over seventy years, there is no doubt that she has left her mark on our country, and has made a lasting impression on others. The solar ‘dancing queen’ is the perfect homage to both the Queen herself, as well as a delightful reference to the popular ABBA song released in 1976. This toy displays swaying dance moves, which make light of the monarch as well as displaying a comical dancing movement. A silver-haired toy with a purple torso. The product is delivered in a clear, plastic case. Due to this case and the small parts of the toy, it must be used with caution and supervision for children under the age of four as a means of health and safety. Product can be placed in your home, or potentially on your cars dashboard or in work.

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