Pylones Silicone Snake Oven Glove

Are you a passionate chef? Do you use your oven often? Then you must now the importance of having a good oven glove. The Snake Silicone Oven Mit from Pylones is the perfect mix of novelty and practicality! Simply place the mit on your hand, and you can take anything you need in and out of the oven! Burning your hands because of a poor oven mit is now hisssstory!

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The Silicone Snake Oven Glove from Pylones is the perfect addition to your kitchen. Whether you’re taking the pasta bake out, or you’re finally done waiting for that Baked Alaska, this trusty oven glove will help you in your cooking ventures. It’s not true what they say about snakes, they are trust creatures! At least this one is – being able to withstand temperatures of around 220 degrees Celsius, meaning it will be able to withstand even the hottest of jobs.

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Dimensions 128 × 100 × 75 mm

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