Pylones Toaster in Orchid Design

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The Toaster from Pylones is the next best thing since sliced bread. Well, it’ll turn sliced bread into scrumptious toast that is…making it nice and golden. The only dilemma you’ll have is what you spread on this delicious toast! The Toaster from Pylones is just dying to burst with excitement (and toast).

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The Toaster from Pylones is 23cm x 14cm x 21cm, meaning that it has the ideal dimensions for all regularly sliced breads from your local supermarket. Has a 220 voltage, which is pretty standard for most electrical points, making it ideal for all homes. The bright design of the toaster brings any kitchen to life, it can be the perfect addition to your home or a quirky yet practical gift for your friends! The Toaster from Pylones comes with toasting settings, so you can even customise how toasted your toast is! Add any spread of your choice, and you can make the perfect piece of toast to suit your tastes.

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Dimensions 230 × 140 × 210 mm


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