Pylones Suspending Lamp in Orchid Design Ex Demo

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It’s important that your home is well lit, and you can’t fully light your home efficiently without a main light in your room. That’s where the Hanging Lamp from Pylones comes in handy! Simply place the lamp in the centre of the room, near an electrical point in your ceiling, screw a lightbulb in, and you’re done! A dynamic addition to any room in your home.

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The Hanging Lamp from Pylones has dimensions of 20cm in diameter, by 27cm in height. This Hanging Lamp can be placed in any room, and is ideal to liven up any living room, bedroom or hallway! With the vibrant shades of this product, your eyes will light up in delight when you see it hanging in all its colourful glory! Please note that the bulb is not included – BNC recommended. This is one of seven models, which include the following designs: Dahlia, Nymphea, White Flower, Forest, Silver Spots, Orchid and Scale.

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