Pylones Travelling Mug in Scale Design

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Do you ever fancy a hot beverage in the morning, but you’re running short of time and can’t drink it at home? Or do you want to take a drink into work to get through the day? Then look no further! The Star Travel Mug from Pylones allows you to carry the hot drinks you want around with you.

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The Star Travel Mug from Pylones is part of the new generation of mugs – the King of the cups, the container of cool. You’ll be able to have your drinks anywhere, without fuss! Product is made of metal and plastic, and is quite resilient. Dimensions of the Star Travel Mug is 8cm x 18.5cm, and can hold 35cl of liquid. Can hold both hot and cold liquids, so whether it’s a cup of coffee, tea or squash, you can take it with you wherever you go! The Star Travel Mug comes from Pylones, a French company that specialize in turning regular day-to-day objects into a unique product that will brighten your home and office.

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Dimensions 185 × 80 × 80 mm


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