Pylones SIlver Spots Bike Horn

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Riding a bike can be fun. But it can also be dangerous at times! You have to drive on main roads, and people might not see you. Well fear not, because the Pouet Classic Bike Horn from Pylones is here to help! Simply squeeze the bottom of the horn and passers by will be aware you are there, keeping you safe!

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Brighten up your bike with the Pouet Classic Bike Horn from Pylones, described as “a classic design with quirky character”. The horn comes with clamps, meaning you can attach it to bikes of all shapes and sizes. No pesky screws or nuts and bolts to add the Pouet Classic Bike Horn, just simply clamp it on and you’re done! You can choose one of the many colours of the product to find the perfect fit with your bike. What more could you want? A stylish addition to your bike and a way of altering drivers that you’re there, keeping you safe!

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