Pylones Passport Holder in Sakura Design

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If you’re travelling abroad, your passport is absolutely vital. It can be easily damaged or lost. This Passport Holder from Pylones will prevent just that! The product comes in a variety of colours, and is ideal for a European sized passport. The colourful design will make your passport stand out, making it easier to find. It will also provide it with a cover, allowing it to stay safer overall. Protection for your passport, whilst also making it cool stylish – what else could you want?

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The Passport Holder from Pylones will accompany you to the ends of the earth, the opening doors and accessing areas. Do you have a Visa for Pisa? Got a ticket and nowhere to stick it? This product is always here to help – place your loose travel tickets in this holder, and you’ll never worry about losing them again. This Passport Holder from Pylones is made of plastic and laminated fabric, both of which are top quality to ensure you are accompanied well during your travels. Cover is 9.5cm x 13.5cm, which will fit most passports, and is perfect for a European one!

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