Pylones Chef! Kitchen Timer

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You know what they say – a chef always knows the time! With this novelty Kitchen Timer, you’ll never over cook your food ever again! The kitchen really is the place that makes the chef tick. Just simply turn the dial on the top of the product, and you’ll be notified when your food is done cooking! A small round product, showing a man’s head with a moustache, and a stereotypical ‘chef’ hat on top.

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The Chef! Kitchen Timer was created by innovative designer San Froid, a talented designer who is obsessed with the idea of turning a regular object into a “curious little object, a curiosity, giving it that precious extra poetry”. It is guaranteed that this product will bring additional quirks to your home. It can transform any regular kitchen into a nice and interesting cooking area! It’s bound to be a taking point amongst your guests. The Chef! Kitchen Timer is the perfect mix of practicality and novelty. Product is delivered in a grey box with ‘CHEF!’ written on the front of the box. Pylones are a French company that specialize in producing new and innovative gifts, operating in Paris since 1985.

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