Pylones Card Holder in White Flowers Design

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In our modern day and age, you can’t do anything without a debit or credit card. But it can be so much effort hauling a large wallet or purse around, can’t it? Well, have no fear! This Voyage Credit Card Holder from Pylones will allow you to carry your cards, without the worry or taking a whole wallet out with you.

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The Voyage Credit Card Holder from Pylones allows you to stay organized and on top of your many cards with this holder. Designed in France, the thin bi-fold wallet has different slots for each card you carry! There’s even enough room for you to stuff some cash in there, too. You can store all your cards that you need in the day in this holder. Perfect for the entrepreneur that requires a great deal of cards, or the shopaholic that wants to indulge without taking their entire wallet or purse out with them! Comes in a variety of patterns, including floral or stripped ones, meaning there’s a Voyage Credit Card Holder for everyone!

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Dimensions 80 × 80 × 10 mm


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