Lily Flame Candles Tin – Party Time

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The candle that has taken Britain by storm. The Lily Flame Candle, as seen in John Lewis, make the perfect addition to any home or office! These candles are hand-made and produced in Somerset, England. Each candle has a unique fragrance to it, hand crafted for you and your home!

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One of the main attributes that make this candle unique is the fact that is burns for hours on end – Lily Flame candles can burn for a whopping 35 hours! You can enjoy the delightful sent of one of these candles for thirty-five hours! They come in a variety of forms, including a petite candle in a tin, and other more traditional looking candles. It’s the perfect mix of exquisite scents, eye catching packages and friendly names that make their candles just so special! They’ve been operating since 1994 and have grown in popularity since. Lily-Flame have been declared Britain’s favourite candle, and you can own one of those beloved candles now!

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