Elvis Solar Dancer

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A fun, solar powered dancing Elvis figurine. Makes the perfect addition to any room in your home! Simply place it in an area where the sun can reach it and watch it dance away! Fabulous for all the family, regardless of their age. A novelty toy which requires no batteries. You don’t have to worry about replacing the batteries for this dancing figure, because as long as there’s some sun you’ll enjoy hours of fun! Made of a solid-based plastic which makes it resilient against accidental damage. Each toy has a solar panel which powers the figure in a waving/flapping motion. Normal daylight and any additional artificial light can be used as a power source.

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Elvis Aaron Presley (Born January 8th 1935, died August 16th 1977) was a prominent figure in Rock n’ Roll, considered by many to be the King of the genre. His energized interpretations of the songs written for him, combined with a singularly potent mix of influences, made him a prevalent character. This particular toy is the perfect homage to the legend himself, almost perfectly displaying his ‘swaying’ dance moves which were considered somewhat comical in the time period. A black and white toy with golden glasses. The product is delivered in a clear, plastic case, animated with ‘ELVIS’ written on the back of the case. Whilst this product is a toy, it must be used with caution and supervision for children under the age of four due to the small parts that come with the product. Product can be placed in your home, or potentially on your cars dashboard or in work.

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