Personalised Gifts for Children

Giving a thoughtful and original gift can be a difficult task, particularly for the young so we suggest our range of Personalised Gifts for Children. From busy modern mums with birthday parties every weekend to Grandparents or Godparents looking for that something special, the buying of the perfect present can seem daunting. For those gift-givers who want to give a memorable present that will outshine the usual toys and clothes, personalised gifts are a strong alternative. Consider making your gift stand out among the rest by giving your child the starring role in their own fairy story.

A gift with a personalised twist will impress parent and child alike. What better way to instil the joy of reading into a child than by giving them their very own personalised classic book!

NYO’s range of Ladybird retro books for kids is the perfect choice of personalised gift. They take well-loved fairytales and seamlessly integrate the child’s name into every page. You can expect the same traditional text and beautiful illustrations with an added personalised twist!

Available titles include the classic tales you know and love, from Rapunzel to The Elves and The Shoemaker and many more.

Boys Will Love…

The tale of Rumplestiltskin, playing along to guess the name of the crafty little man who spun straw into gold.

FEE-FI-FO-FUM! Join in on the adventures of Jack in Jack and the Beanstalk and escaping the clutches of the Giant with his golden egg.

Girls will Love…

Awaking from a cursed sleep with the help of true loves kiss in Sleeping Beauty.

Watching among the roses as we meet Belle and see her dancing with the Beast in Beauty and the Beast.

Two evil stepsisters, a Fairy Godmother and the timeless tale of a Princess and her Prince in Cinderella.

The perfect personalised gifts for children.

These pocket-sized personalised editions will take pride of place on the bookshelf and will no doubt enchant and delight both readers new to the tales and those who recognise them from old. Children will want to read them again and again!

The beauty of a book as a gift is there is no age too young or old to enjoy a classic story. Read them with your toddlers, let your child read them to you, pass on the joy and treasure the experience made all the more special by the unique personalisation.

A personalised book can be given at many different gift-giving occasions not just on birthdays or in a stocking at Christmas. Consider giving a personalised book in a party-bag or as a prize. It is the ideal thoughtful gift sure to impress.

When you give a child a book, you give them the gift of imagination and wonder. When you personalise a book to integrate the child into the story, you open their minds to a new world of fantasy and excitement. Give a Ladybird retro fairytale book from NYO2’s range and bring the classic bedtime stories from your childhood to the next generation.

NYO2 Personalised Gifts for Children