Comedy Gift Ideas: How to Make Them Smile

Have you got an occasion coming up and need to buy a gift for someone? Perhaps a birthday present for a loved one, or a leaving present for a co-worker? It’s all too easy to fall into a rut of buying the same, boring gifts, so why not give them the gift of laughter this time? Have you considered getting them a comedy gift?

You know how the old saying goes; “Laughter is the best medicine.” Comedy gifts are a great way to put a smile on someone’s face that’ll stay with them all day long and just make them feel good. With that in mind, NYO has a great selection of comedy gift ideas, because we treasure smiles.

Some of our funniest gifts include our comedy health and safety signs. Whether it be for the home or the office, these signs will add a touch of comedy to keep everyone smiling all day long. We have a variety of signs so that, no matter who you’re buying for, you’re sure to have them rolling around on the floor laughing in no time.

Need a Present for your Significant Other?

Do you have a relationship that’s built on banter? If you and your significant other love kidding around and poking fun at each other, then a comedy gift will be a real hoot. Is your partner known for being a bit tetchy? How about this sign? Partial to toilet humour? Maybe this cheeky number

Need a present for a parent?

Do you like to push the boundaries of cheekiness with your parents? Perhaps you want to tease them a little about getting old? This sign is sure to have everyone laughing!

Need a present for a child?

Children love laughter and jokes and all things silly. Do you know a little one who thinks toilet humour is just hysterical? If so, they’d think this was a fabulous addition to their bedroom! Let the giggles commence…

Need a funny gift for a co-worker?

We all love buying our co-workers silly, token gifts for all manner of occasions. Whether it be a birthday, leaving party or Secret Santa, it’s always nice to have a giggle with your colleagues and it does wonders for workplace morale. Do you have a co-worker who can’t stand another person touching their desk or, god forbid, rearranging their stationery?! We have a sign for that! Do you have a colleague who’s permanently on a diet and always feels taunted by the biscuit tin, or that one person that always brings cake in? This sign will make it clear that all calorific foods are to be kept well away!


Comedy gift ideas with NYO