Christmas Ideas

It is indeed that time again and here are two simply amazing stocking fillers to get you noticed.

Buying for Her:santa-says-relax_1
Bomb Cosmetics take the art of bathing seriously.
Whether you want to relax after a hard day or refresh yourself before you go out, Bomb Cosmetics products are designed to indulge you. These handmade aromatherapy cosmetics will help you leave any worries behind the moment you turn on the tap. Designed to make you feel special every time you use them, Bomb Cosmetics combine fragrances that make your mouth water. Why not treat yourself and find out how good they really are?

Buying for Him: grouped_sales_images35
Oddsocks – the craziest designs of the year.

Ever wondered why you never can find two matching socks? Well worry no more as the whole concept is never bother to pair up your socks! These socks are made of 75-85% Cotton, 23-13% Polyamide and 2% Elastane. These socks are designed to be fun and save you time in the morning.


No Clue what to get:

Great ideas for this year’s christmas list are unique customised presents. We at Nyo have a range of items that include your very own personalisation for every possible person. Make life simple for yourself and buy a customised present for your friends, family or loved one.

Make it special…. and it will be treasured.