7 Scents for Spring – Wonderful Gifts for her

Does a special woman in your life have a birthday coming up? Or maybe you’re getting a gift for her just to show how much you care. Whether it be a wife, girlfriend, mother or sister, candles are a great, thoughtful gift and they really give the feeling of comfort and cosiness. Not only that, but Lily’s Candles have been declared Britain’s favourite candle, with exquisite scents and beautiful, quirky packaging. They certainly are the perfect gift for her. As we head into Spring, it’s time to retire those rich Winter candles and make way for new, fresher scents. We’re talking fresh, floral scents that mirror the exciting fresh new life that we all love to witness emerging outside our windows. To that end, we’ve compiled our top seven scents for Spring, all of which would make the perfect gift for a special lady

Parma Violets

Get ready for some serious nostalgia! We all loved this iconic sweet as children and that makes the scent of it in our homes all the more comforting. Parma Violets is a really quirky scent and there’s nothing else out there quite like it, so if you want to get her a gift that truly is one of a kind, this is the scent to plump for!

Gifts for her by Lily Flame from Nyo

Secret Garden

Secret Garden is a very civilised floral scent. One of the best things about the arrival of Spring is the ability to get back outside again, spend some time in the garden, enjoy some stunning walks surrounded by cherry blossom and newly budding flowers. This scent, therefore, is perfect and really sums up just why we love Spring so much.

Rose Petals

Much like Secret Garden, Rose Petals is a scent that perfectly encapsulates the fresh, floral scents that we love to smell at this time of year. Let’s not forget, of course, that roses are also typically associated with love and romance so, if you’re buying a candle for your significant other, this will provide the perfect romantic, touch.

Mellow Figs and Garden Mint

This is a clean and fresh scent. The theme of freshness is a common one when talking about Spring. Fresh flowers, fresh air, freshly cut grass… Just lovely. And the smell of fresh mint beautifully complements the mellow figs, creating a scent that’s delightfully well-rounded. Mellow Figs and Garden Mint is a pleasure to have in the home.

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea is a very soft and feminine fragrance, which makes it a lovely gift for a special woman in your life. Gentle tones make it a perfect Spring scent, reminiscent of a sunny morning, and a lovely, cheerful gift to show someone that you care.

Wild Jasmine

Wild Jasmine is one of Lily Flame’s most popular candles so, if you’re looking for a safe bet, this is it. The smell is described as being truly intoxicating. It’s a touch on the heavier side so, if the lady you have in mind prefers a candle that packs some oomph, this is the one for her.


A delicate but sophisticated blend of sandalwood and patchouli, Love would be a great gift for your significant other. Written on the beautiful red packaging are the words “for all of time”, which is the perfect declaration of love. Whenever she burns this delightful candle, she’ll be sure to think you.

Gifts for Her by NYO2

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